Pink has so many meanings to me. Putting aside the fact that it has been my favorite color for my entire life- pink symbolizes strength & creativity & passion & all things fabulous. Pink is… View Post


Happy Sunday! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I am supper thankful that Anthony agreed to wear purple with me this week lol. Boyfriend of the year! ūüėć Cyber week is coming! Did you… View Post


Happy Sunday! Blue is always associated with sadness, & I’m really not sure why. Sure- I get the whole “feeling blue” thing, but where did that start? Even Taylor Swift says “losing him was blue… View Post


Happy Sunday! The week of orange ūüėć! Orange you glad I didn’t say banana? ūüėŹ Get it? Because last week’s color was yellow. lol. Anyway- orange is one of those colors that I feel like… View Post

Why Fall is the Easiest Season to Dress like a Fashionista!

Hello & happy almost October! The fall is my absolute favorite season to dress for! Between the layers, textures & comfy styles, no season can compete! This season is also the easiest to create multiple… View Post

What I Wore | August

August was such a strange month here in NJ. Rain, rain, rain, and more rain. Needless to say, the weather really messed with my outfits this month! Summer is coming to a close, and I… View Post

Pearl Denim Jacket DIY

If you spend any time on Instagram, then you know that denim with peal appliqu√© has been ALL the rage! I have found myself countless times with my mouse hovering over the ‘checkout’ button of… View Post

Layered Knits

This weekend my sister and I ventured off to out favorite place ever, Newport Rhode Island. For those of you who are familiar with New England, you know that its not only cold, its a… View Post

Navy Slip Dress & the Cutest Sandals on Sale!!|Dress Worn in my July Favorites Video!!|

|Quick Details|¬†Navy Slip Dress¬†|¬†still for sale here¬†|¬†Similar Style 1¬†|¬†Similar Style 2¬†|¬†Evelina Sandals¬†|¬†Hermes H Bracelets¬†|¬†Vintage Chanel Clip ons¬†|¬†Silver Chanel Clip ons¬†|¬†Black Crossbody¬†|¬†Similar Style & Color Crossbody¬†|¬†Similar Crossbody 2| While out to dinner with family and some… View Post