Beauty Tips to Get Ready Faster in the Morning!

Beauty Tips to Get Ready Faster in the Morning!

Happy Tuesday!

After being EARLY for class three times last week, I was inspired to round up my tips on how to get ready quicker in the morning! I registered for all early morning classes this spring semester, so my day starts a lot earlier than it used to! That being said, I’ve had to learn a thing or two about expediting my beautifying process! I hope these little tweaks to your routine make a difference for you as well!

I rounded up all of my tips in a video on my IGTV channel here!

Hair: The biggest tip I can give you about hair is to wash it the night before! If you have an oily scalp like me, then the DryBar Clarifying Charcoal shampoo & conditioner will work wonders on keeping your hair clean looking the next morning! Texturizing sprays are also a great add on for giving your hair some more body & movement after sleeping on it all night long! My current favorite is this one from Oribe!

Face: One thing that really clogs up time in the morning for me is blending! If you take a facial oil like this Smashbox one & add it right to your foundation, it will sheer it out & make it more like a tinted moisturizer, but it will be such a breeze to blend! You can also add a little setting spray like this one from Urban Decay to your beauty sponge to blend out your foundation & concealer as well! I promise these slight additions will take several minutes off your time in front of the mirror.

Brows: Filling in your eyebrows can be super time consuming, so during the week I simply use this brow gel from Brow Gal to strengthen up my brows quickly!

Eyes: If you take any light eye shadow like this one from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette (which is only $19.00 right now) & just dust a little into the inner corner of your eye, your eyes will like five times brighter & more awake!

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I hope you enjoy! Let me know what tricks you use to spend less time getting ready in the morning!

Xo Bella

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