Little Black Dress with Petite Dressing

Little Black Dress with Petite Dressing

Hola! Today’s blog post is sponsored by Petite Dressing, an adorable boutique for girls 5’4″ & under!

If you are fun sized like me, then this is the boutique for you! I am just about 5’2″, so some times finding items that are the right length for my mini legs can be a bit of a challenge.

I received a few pieces from Petite Dressing & no other clothing has ever fit me so well! From the length of the hem & straps on this dress, to the waist falling at just the right spot, this dress is perfection!

My Dress| I am absoluetly obsessed with this little black dress! Its a line cut is so flattering, & it can be styled in an endless amount of ways! In this look I chose to keep it simple with some girly pops of pink & my new Jimmy Choo’s, but it could also easily be dressed down with a denim jacket & a pair of boots!

Petite Dressing also has a blog that has been my go to for all things petite styling! They share all kinds of different articles on what to wear for your body type, & it is so helpful! This blog post on finding pants for petites really just summed up my life (lol) & shared so much great info on what styles I should be wearing! They also have jeans for petites that I cannot wait to try!!

I am so happy I stumbled upon this gem of a solution for my mininess! I can already tell that this LBD will be one that I will grab for so many occasions to come! Check out their beautiful collection here!

You can use the code BB20 to get 20% off your first order!

You can shop the rest of my look below!