Happy Sunday! I absolutely LOVED styling all of this green this week! From the Grinch to the smell of a Christmas tree, green is the color of the holiday season!

But- there are also so many ways to wear green all year round! Colors like army green or hunter green have basically become a variation of black and gray! Below I tagged a bunch of basic & funky green items that are perfect for ANY occasion!

Green all year: deep green pants are a great way to incorporate green into your life!

Holiday: From big green sweaters to glitter or velvet dresses, green can be worn in any fashion this time of year!

Accessories: My favorite way to accessorize with green are my shoes! If its a deeper shade, they’re not too in your face, but there still funkier than a classic black pair! PS Asos is the best place to go when your are looking for affordable statement shoes! Their holiday selection in particular is to DIE FOR!