My Hair Transformation with Formulate!

My Hair Transformation with Formulate!

Happy Wednesday! It’s time to talk about HAIR! If you’ve been following me for some time, then you know that I went to cosmetology school & got licensed in high school! Needless to say hair is a favorite topic of mine!

Even with all of the history of hair in my life, & all of the knowledge I have on the subject, I still have a tough time getting what I want out of hair products! My hair used to be very curly as a kid, but now it has morphed into some kind of poofy mess, so I almost ALWAYS use heat to style it, which really can take a toll on your hair if you don’t use the proper products to take care of it! No matter how many shampoos I’ve tried, I never felt like they were giving me what MY HAIR needed! I wanted something that would help to redefine my curls, produce some volume at my roots, preserve my hair color, and protect my hair from all of the heat styling I do!

Those hair goals seemed like such an impossible task until I came across Formulate!

What is Formulate?

“Shampoo & conditioner, perfectly engineered just for you – that evolves with you. Formulated based on your hair and environment.”

What you do

Take a survey that asks you to identify your hair type, condition, & hair struggles. Next you share what you want out of your custom shampoo & conditioner from everything from heat protection, curl definition, to color preservation! You get to pick everything you want out of your custom hair care from it’s characteristics, to its scent (even the strength of the scent)! With continuous use of this product that is is formulated perfectly for YOU, your hair will feel better than ever before!

What I picked

How it worked for me

This dynamic duo has been my go to since September, & with two months of continuous use, my hair has NEVER seen better days! Not only does my hair feel softer & stronger, I feel as though I need to wash it less frequently because my oil production has been so minimized at my roots. The BEST part is that my days of going through volumizing & texturizing sprays like they’re water are LONG OVER! The volumizing goal I chose for my Formulate products is a miracle worker! I have never tried another product that produces this level of height at my roots- AND the fact that this all happens just from shampoo is a crazy bonus!

What to see the the process?

Head over to my Instagram @bellabeeblog to see the step by step hair journey I experienced on my Formulate highlight tab!

The best part!

Formulate is giving one of my lucky followers a set of their own custom shampoo & conditioner set! All you have to do it click the following link to enter! Your hair will NOT be sorry!