Why Fall is the Easiest Season to Dress like a Fashionista!

Why Fall is the Easiest Season to Dress like a Fashionista!

Hello & happy almost October! The fall is my absolute favorite season to dress for! Between the layers, textures & comfy styles, no season can compete! This season is also the easiest to create multiple fabulous looks with the same pieces!

In this post I will be sharing the key to ramping up your fall wardrobe with just a few simple staples!

My Look| Cardigan | Tee | Jeans | Boots | Belt | Bag

Step One | Identify this Season’s Trends

To get us started, lets break down the basics that every fall wardrobe needs, & trends of this coming fall. No matter what the trends are from year to year, everyone needs their fall basics- jeans, basics tees, knits, & boots. These basics are the base of EVERY outfit. Now for the trends- these are the variables from year to year. The popular pieces for this coming fall happen to be statement coats, animals prints, leather, sequins, & peacock colors.

Step Two| Separate your basics from your trendy pieces

Now here’s the trick- stock up on your basics, & never go crazy buying too many of the trendy items for each season because I promise you two years from now you will be wondering why you have eight pairs of leopard pants!! Stick to only buying one or two pieces that fit into this seasons trends to keep your style current, and leave the rest of your shopping budget to basic pieces that you will need forever. The great part about stocking up on basics frequently is that once you have your base down for each season, the shopping gets a lot more fun, & you can focus more on the trendy pieces that will make your basic looks unique!

Step Three| What every outfit needs

Now that we have broken down basics and trendy pieces its time to put them together. I like to think that every outfit is 80% basic & 20% trendy. Now what do I mean by that? Lets say you’re going for a simple everyday fall look- jeans (basic), a white tee (basic), a leopard cardigan (trendy), leather booties (basic), a black belt (basic), & a floppy hat (could be basic or trendy depending on how often you wear hats). Not only is the outfit simple, with a few tweaks it can be worn in so many different ways! Theoretically if you have a good amount of basics in your closet, the only item you need to purchase to accomplish this fall look is the trendy leopard cardigan. One bold trendy statement piece like this cardigan gives people the illusion that you are the ultimate, put together fall fashionista even though you only bought one new item! How cool is that? 😏

Step Four| Questions to ask yourself before you purchase

1: Where will I wear this?

2: What do I currently own that I will wear it with?

3: Do I already own something that serves the same purpose as this?

4: Will I wear this often enough to validate the purchase?

5: Will I still be in love with this a year from now?

Step Five| Small Trendy Upgrades

If a trendy piece you had your eye on did NOT pass the test of the questions above, but you still want a new trendy piece in your wardrobe- accessories can act as a replacement! Instead of buying that statement sweater that will break the bank & probably only be worn twice, finding a scarf, headband, or even an inexpensive statement bag that satisfies the same look can sometimes be the way to go!


Animal Print Trend

Peacock Colors Trend

Leather Trend

Statement Coat Trend

Sequin Trend


I hope you enjoyed this post on this season’s fall trends! Let me know if you have any questions! For more fall info check out this post on fall eye shadow palettes here!