My Current Makeup Routine

My Current Makeup Routine

Happy finally Friday! September has been QUITE the month this year hasn’t it? Between school, work, & my blogging escapades I feel like its gone by so quickly! Anyway, I was thinking just the other day that it has been WAY too long since I’ve told you what I have been putting on my face day after day! Since I have been so busy lately, my routine hasn’t changed much in the past month or so. Below you will find a few of my ride or die products & a few newbies that I have yet to share with you yet!

The Base

Primer| Ladies and gentlemen… I have NOT been using a primer! I went to see my¬†esthetician a few weeks ago, and she has me on such a fabulous skincare routine that I no longer need one!!! But don’t you worry, I have an updated skincare routine post coming soon!

Foundation| This one is a newbie!! I picked up the Tarte Shape Tape FOUNDATION a few weeks ago, and oh my golly! Not only is it long wearing & medium coverage, the applicator has changed my life. Its basically a massive version of the Tarte Shape Tape concealer if you are familiar with it. Having an applicator wand instead of a pump has made my life so much easier. Long gone are the days of walking around with a ring of dried foundation on the back of my hand from using it as a palette lol. One complaint I do have about the foundation is that it is a matte finish, so it is a little drying. Lucky for me, my skin is so oily that it ends up appearing more like a satin finish lol. But if you are on the drier side, and do not like a full matte finish, this may not be the product for you.

How I apply it| I use the Artis Oval 10 brush

Concealer| I have been sticking to my tried & true on this one- Tarte Shape Tape concealer. This product covers my dark circles, sets itself without having to use too much powder, and it remains full coverage all day. What more could you ask for in a concealer? I do not anticipate branching out to any other product any time soon.

How I apply it| I use a dampened Real Techniques Sponge


Setting Powder| Okay, so after NOT applying primer, putting on foundation & concealer, I set my under eye area with the NYX translucent setting powder. It has a smooth velvety finish, & gets the job done easily. I’m not too picky about setting powders. As long as it keeps my concealer from creasing I’m fairly happy with it.

How I apply it| I use a DRY beauty sponge to stamp on the setting powder under my eyes. I let it sit for a few seconds to let it absorb any moisture, & and then brush it off with any big fluffy brush.

Bronzer| Another oldie, but a goodie. The Anastasia Beverley Hills Powder Contour kit has such a great range of cool & warm toned bronzers. I mix the two warmer shades and lightly buff them right below the peak of my cheekbones & at my temples to give my face some more dimension. Sometimes if I am feeling fancy, I will take the cool toned shade & ever so lightly buff it onto the sides of my nose. I use a cool toned shade, because it looks much lighter in the center of my face. I never want my bronzer to appear muddy.

How I apply it| I use the Morphe M142 brush, but any shorter fluffy brush like this will do. Brushes are really all about your personal preference.

Blush| I do not wear blush everyday, but when I do, it is ALWAYS the Chantecaille blush in the shade ‘Emotion’. It has a slight sparkle to it & it is my absolute favorite fall color right now.

How I apply it| I use the Morphe M427 brush, but any fluffy brush like this will do. Brushes are really all about your personal preference.

Finishing Touches

Lashes & Brows| I have been going extremely light on my lashes & brows lately. For lashes I will use nothing but the L’Or√©al Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara! Nothing can compare! Now for my eyebrows, I have somehow managed to get my brows grown in and shaped pretty well, so all I do for them is touch up the tail end with a little bit of powder. If I am being honest, I have no idea what the powder is that I use. Its in a single pan and has absolutely no writing on it lol. But I did tag some very reputable brow powders below for you!


Setting Spray| Finally, I finish off with my setting spray! I ALWAYS use the Urban Decay Oil Control setting spray (they have different variations for all skin types). The main reason for my undying love for this setting spray is not even for the liquid itself, its for the mister applicator! It sprays so strong, but even & consistent. Every time I mist it on my face, it really just makes me feel like I’m doing something special & important for my face, and sometimes that is all that matters lol.

Everyday Lip gloss| NYX Butter Gloss in the shade ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’


I hope you enjoyed this little makeup overview routine! I plan on doing a makeup routine video in the future, so please let me know if that is something you would like to see!


Xo Bella Bee