Beauty & Blogging Update

Beauty & Blogging Update

Happy Monday! With the summer coming to a close I have been thinking a lot about this past season as a whole, and the direction the blogging industry has gone.

When I started my blog in the fall of 2016, I did not know much about the world that I was diving head first into. I just thought “hmm.. I love writing, and I love beauty. Why not put the two together?”. That thought still stands with me, but when I first began this blogging journey, putting my two loves into one was the whole fun of it! However, since that newbie blogger thought, I feel that my blogging mindset has been jolted and redirected by the heavy winds of social media. My daily blogging thoughts have transitioned from coming up with a fun new post idea, to making sure I post the perfect photo on Instagram at the perfect time day after day after day. That restrictive & boringly tedious routine is NOT fun, & it totally takes out the spontaneous creativity that I love oh so much!

I am sure other bloggers feel this way as well, so I am making it my goal for the fall of 2018 to keep this platform fun & for sharing the things I love! That being said, here are a few new things that have been going on in my beauty life!!

At the start of August my boyfriend left for a 22 day long trip to Greece, so I devoted this whole month to working on myself in terms of beauty & wellness. I started taking HUM Nutrition vitamins, & in combination with a healthier diet and exercise I cannot believe the difference they have made in my body! I have only been taking them daily for one month, and already I feel more energized & motivated each day! I shared a little video on my IGTV channel explaining what I am taking & what each supplement does for your body! You can watch that here!

The results I was seeing from my HUM vitamins in combination my new fitness routine have been really inspiring! Not only do I just FEEL BETTER each day, my skin has been so much clearer! My texture is 70% gone which has definitely me wearing less makeup (which HAS to be helping with the clearing process as well)! The theme of my summer has definitely become “less is more”!  Although my makeup routine has become A LOT shorter, that definitely does not mean I’ve stopped trying new products! 😏 I’ve  linked some of my new summer favorites below along with my HUM vitamin routine!

Here’s so feeling better & posting happy!



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