Hacks for Oily Hair

Hacks for Oily Hair

Happy Friday! If you’re anything like me, your hair looks greasy a lot quicker than you’d like. I could shower at night, go to sleep, and then wake up with flat hair the next day. It gets to be really frustrating because my hair is clean, but my scalp produces an excess amount of oil very quickly! That being said, here are a few tips and tricks on how to control that oil!

1: Rinse your shampoo & conditioner extra thoroughly!

2: ONLY condition your ends

3: Avoid silicone based products

4: Use a charcoal based shampoo! Charcoal extracts toxins and oils from your hair!

5: Dry shampoo

6: Use baby powder as a dry shampoo replacement!

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Check out this video for a little more info on each of these tips!