9 Reasons Why Your Skin Could Be Breaking Out

9 Reasons Why Your Skin Could Be Breaking Out

I have struggled with acne since age 11.. yep, 9 years of my life! That seems really unreasonable & unfair, doesn’t it? I think so too lol. After hundreds of trips to the dermatologist & trying every topical cream invented, I’ve learned that even if I scrub my face clean every single night- there are still so many factors that go into having clear skin. Hormones are the main factor, (not much I can do about that except wait lol) but there are 9 simple things I always consider before another trip to my dermatologist. If you’re suffering from random break outs, one of these could be the reason why!

1. Not Drinking enough water– Water flushes toxins out of your body, so if you’re not drinking enough all of those toxins can build up and take their anger out on your face lol.

2. Your Moisturizer is too heavy– this one changed my life! Once I switched from a cream moisturizer to a gel moisturizer the oil on my face decreased SUBSTANTIALLY! Less oil= less clogged pores= less break outs!

3. Touching your face too much– if you have a habit of touching your face, its a hard one to break, but it could be a key factor in minimizing your break outs. Even if you think your hands are clean, I promise you they’re not.. From doorknobs to your desk at work and especially your phone, your face is the LAST thing you should be touching.

4. Dirty makeup brushes– this one is pretty self explanatory. You rub your makeup brushes ALL OVER your face every single day- giving them a good wash with soap and water once a week is a must!

5. Allergic to your makeup– There could be an ingredient in your makeup that does not agree with you, and you may not even know it! Whenever I think this is the source of a break out for me, everyday I stop using one makeup product until I can figure out which one is causing the problem.

6. Not rinsing shampoo or conditioner well enough– this was a big one for me in middle school at the start of my break outs! Whether is was at my hairline, or on my back, if you leave shampoo or conditioner anywhere on your body 9 times out of 10 it will clog your pores and you’ll end up with a bad break out. Try to be extra mindful and conscious when rinsing!

7. Over exfoliating your face– Blemishes are filled with bacteria- which I’m sure you know. If you’re anything like me, at one point you’ve thought “hmmm.. maybe if I exfoliate my face really aggressively with this scrub all of these blemishes will just come right off!”.. WRONG! When you irritate or extract a blemish not only does the white center come out, but a tiny bit of oil that you may not even be able to see. If you exfoliate over your blemishes to much, that oil/ bacteria spreads around your face & can create problems elsewhere! If you ever extract or exfoliate your blemishes, do so delicately and ALWAYS use an astringent after to kill any bacteria on the surface of your skin- this will keep the blemish clean AND keep it from spreading.

8. Pillow cases & towels– Make sure you are changing out your pillow cases & using a new clean towel to dry your face EVERY TIME you wash it. Even if you clean your face super thoroughly, if you dry it with a dirty towel, it 100% reverses all of the cleansing you just did. The same rule goes for your pillow cases, especially if you are a face sleeper like me, change your pillow cases at least once a week!

9. Waiting too long to wash your face after a workout– this a big one! If you can’t shower immediately after a workout, be sure to at least wash your face! All of that sweat & bacteria sitting on your face for too long can get your skin really angry!