How to Pick the Best Eyeliner for Your Eye Color

How to Pick the Best Eyeliner for Your Eye Color

Happy Saturday! Eyeliner will always be one of my favorite topics to talk about and dabble in! I think we can all agree that when you first starting wearing makeup, eyeliner was the first product you tested out, and tried to sneak wearing to school without your mom seeing and rubbing off your face lol- guilty. Maybe at age thirteen when I “borrowed” my sisters black as can be eyeliner, and lined my eyes heavily (and messily) like a racoon my mom was right and it was NOT a good look for my 7th grade self. Thanks Mom!

That being said, if you learn from my 7th grade mistakes and wear eyeliner sparingly and properly- it can really make your eyes pop! The first factor in completing this goal is the color.

Black eyeliner does have its place, but I prefer wearing it in the evening or just in my waterline to add a little dimension occasionally. Contrasting shades make color stand out, so you want to pick a color that opposes your eye color on the color wheel.

I have hazel eyes and I like to bring out the green/golden tones in them, so I typically wear colors with a reddish undertone. Flat out red is a bit scary in my opinion lol, so I wear deep purples, or warm browns to enhance the green.

For someone with blue eyes, copper and gold make them appear even bluer!

For brown eyes, blacks and deep charcoals can enhance them and make them appear deeper. However, if you use a dark blue or green, that little bit of added color not only draws attention to them but actually brightens them!

To brighten every eye color, if you take a white/off white or light iridescent color eyeliner and lightly rim your waterline, it contrasts any dark shadows or circles on your face and makes you look more awake! A true white can be a bit too unnatural looking, so for an everyday look I typically use a creamy white to accomplish this refreshed look!

Pro Tip! One of my favorite things to do is to use eye shadow as a liner. Its a great substitute if you don’t have the color eye liner you’re looking for! The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette is amazing for doing just this! From the smokey dark shades to the pops of color, this palette covers it all! Almost daily, I use the shades ‘soda pop’ or ‘chip’  (two warm purple/ red tones) under my bottom lashes to give my eyes a little more depth and make my green undertones pop. These shades in particular are great because they’re dark but not black, so its a much more day time friendly look! All you need to apply the shadow as a liner is a flat tip eye shadow brush like this!