Travel Style & Organizational Tips

Travel Style & Organizational Tips

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Packing for a trip is always a super daunting task for me. I must get it from my grandma; who packs for all of her trips at least 3 weeks in advance to make sure she doesn’t forget anything..

My packing anxiety has been going on long enough, that now I finally have figured out a few tips and tricks to make myself feel more organized and make the process a bit easier!

Below are a few tips to not only make the packing process more enjoyable, but make living out of a suitcase a bit more pleasant while you’re away!

1: Pouches are your best friend, not only do they make things easy to find while you’re away, they also act as dividers in your suitcase!

2: Place dryer sheets in between your clothing to keep them smelling fresh, and a bit like home!

3: Keep your necklaces from getting tangled by stringing them through a straw!

4: Always bring a garbage bag for dirty clothes so that they don’t get mixed with your clean ones!

5: Protect your powder makeup by placing a cotton pad inside the compact! When you’re 10,000 feet up a lot of makeup cracking can happen!

A little about my look: The pieces I have been interested in lately, all have one thing in common, and that is that they can be dressed up or down! A few months ago I stumbled across the company Wooden Ships, and all of their pieces definitely fit the cozy to fabulous versatility requirement! Today I am wearing this Beach Knit from their new Beach Collection! I love this piece because you can wear it exactly how I am now with a cozy pair of joggers, or you can throw on a pair of white jeans and wedges and be ready for a nice summer evening! You will definitely be seeing me wear this piece in so many different ways this summer!



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