How to Clean Acrylic Makeup Organizers

Happy Wednesday! Its been a bit since I’ve shared a a blog post, so I thought a spring cleaning post was necessary!

Today we are talking about makeup organizers, and how to clean them! I purchased these acrylic makeup organizers at Marshall’s a few years ago when my makeup collection became too overwhelming for my single bathroom drawer lol. I love the concept of them because they’re clear, so not only can you actually see what you’re looking for, they give you something to look AT! I don’t know about you but I L O V E my makeup, so of course I want to see it! These drawers are my FAV, but I do have one pet peeve when it comes to them. They get SO CLOUDY! Think about it- you have foundation on your hands, you hold the bottle, you put the bottle back in the drawer, and it gets all over! Then repeat, repeat, repeat! After a few months of this they’re not looking so good anymore.

I’ve tried hand washing them in the past, or even using windex, but its just not enough! Yesterday I decided to just go for it, and put them in the dishwasher! I had seen videos on YouTube of girls doing this, but always thought that with my luck they’d melt all over the place, and then I’d cry and my Mama would be really angry about her gooey dishwasher lol. Needless to say, that DID NOT happen! The steam from the dishwasher was the extra boost that these drawers needed to get all of that makeup off because they are crystal clear!!

Since these drawers are clear they are pretty hard to photograph- as you can see in the before photos they were cloudy and dirty looking, but now they are clear and looking brand new!

As I said before, I did get these at Marshall’s for around $20 each. If I am not mistaken, Impressions Vanity was the first company to come out with these organizers, so they are the original more expensive version; however, the quality of them is much better! The little box with the diamond you see above holds my makeup sponge, and it is from Impressions Vanity. I can tell that this piece alone is much better quality than the others, and it as little to no scratches as the Marshall’s ones do. I think in the future I will be switching over to Impressions Vanity for all of my makeup organization needs! SO if you are looking for a less expensive acrylic storage solution, Marshall’s is the place for you! Or you can shop the Impressions Vanity ones below!

(A little pro tip if you are interested in Impressions Vanity, they sell them at Bed and Bath, so definitely take advantage of their infamous 20% off coupons!)

Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Mary
    October 9, 2018 / 10:21 pm

    Also check out the Dollar Tree stores! Once in a while they have the acrylic storage containers for make up! I’ve even seen the little drawers there! They obviously are not the top quality, but for a buck, you can throw them out when they get nasty!

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