6 Products that will Save your Skin this Winter! | Tips for Dry Skin

6 Products that will Save your Skin this Winter! | Tips for Dry Skin

This Fresh Soy Face Cleansing Milk has been essential in my skincare routine this winter! It is a cleansing milk (so no water is necessary), so it is very calming and actually moisturizing for your skin! It removes your makeup, but doesn’t strip away at your skin like a strong astringent would (because it is low on the pH scale). I rub this all over my face to melt away my makeup, and then I follow up with a cleanser after to kill any germs from the day.

For me keeping my skin happy is all about keeping it hydrated, but not oily. My skin is combination, so its oily with a dry film over it (real complicated right?).That means gel moisturizers are my best friend because they are water based and not oil based! Gel moisturizers get soaked up by all that winter dryness, without leaving your face greasy or over hydrated. A common mistake when your skin is feeling dry is to load it up with the heaviest moisturizer you can find- this is NOT the answer. Feeding your skin too much moisture can actually have the reverse effect and dry you out more, or even worse, make you break out! This Garnier Gel Moisturizer has been my fav lately because it does the job perfectly, and its affordable (also because its pink..)!

Next, all sheet masks from Patchology! This Illuminating one especially! I absolutely hate how dull my skin looks in the winter! All this sheet mask needs is 5 minute to give your skin a radiant glow!

Now for the product that I have NOT been able to stop raving about! This Amore Pacific Moisture Bond Sleeping Recovery Mask has literally been the answer to my prayers! Overnight masks can really work wonders on repairing your skin, but as I mentioned before, my skin is oily and prone to break outs. That being said, the idea of leaving any product on my face ALL NIGHT has always been a cringe worthy thought to me– waking up to a face of bumps, and not leaving the house for at least a week was always what I thought the outcome would be! That is NOT the case with this stuff, it almost has a serum-like consistency, so its not like your going to sleep with a full blown solid face mask on. I wake up to skin that feels soft and hydrated; that feeling of a dry film on the surface of my face is gone!

One of my biggest dryness concerns in the winter are my lips; sometimes they get so dry I feel like they could fall off. I used to put heavy creams on them like Aquaphor or Vaseline, but not only did I hate the taste, it just looked chunky on my face. This Patchology Lip Service Gloss to Balm Treatment completely repairs my lips, and looks like a pretty gloss in the process!

Last but definitely not least is this dewy setting spray from NYX! I like to keep it in my bag not only because its the perfect travel size, but when my makeup is starting to look dry throughout the day I just mist myself with this, and I look totally refreshed!

I hope you enjoyed these little product tips! As always, let me know if you have any questions!


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