Winter to Spring Transition Outfit |Part 1

Winter to Spring Transition Outfit |Part 1

Happy Thursday everyone! This has been a super quick & easy week for me because class got canceled two days in a row from snow! My favorite kind of school week lol. Although I’m happy to not have class, I’m pretty bummed about the fact that the first day of spring was just a few days ago, and we have a foot of SNOW here! But 🤷🏻‍♀️, spring should still be coming soon, so transition outfits are a must!

The easiest way to utilize your current wardrobe to create looks that are multi season friendly is by mixing fabrics and rocking layers. In this look I am wearing here, I have paired several winter materials with the perfect light weight spring tee. This leather jacket with faux fur collar is what makes this look acceptable (and practical) to wear in mid March, but once you tie it in with the tee and light pink skirt, you are also ready for spring, making this look equally as acceptable for early April!

Right now I am surrounded by snow, and probably could use a warmer coat, but under normal end of March circumstances, this leather would be more than enough. Here is NJ, as spring approaches, our mornings are cold, but our afternoons are HOT! Which is where the layers come in, come 1:00 when I am dying to take off this jacket, the tee and skirt make for the perfect spring look!

This type of look can be created in so many different ways, but the main thing to remember when creating a transition look is a mix of heavy and light weight pieces!

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