What Goes on Before the Makeup| Smile Brilliant Home Teeth Whitening Giveaway

What Goes on Before the Makeup| Smile Brilliant Home Teeth Whitening Giveaway

Happy Tuesday! Being the beauty lover that I am, I tend to talk a lot about makeup. Today’s post will be a little different in that we are not just talking about what lip plumper will make your lips look fuller, or what lipstick will last all day; we’re discussing what happens before all of that makeup, and the difference it will make in your overall look!

In my opinion, wearing the perfect lip color means nothing if you have a yellow smile. I’ll admit it- I’m a big teeth critic. I was lucky enough to never need braces as a kid, so I haven’t had as tough of a teeth journey as I know many do; that being said, I have always been very conscious about the color of my teeth. That could be because my smile takes up the majority of my face lol.. but whether your a big smiler like me, or more reserved about your happiness, white teeth are still very important!

Today I am partnering with Smile Brilliant to give you all of the info you need on their amazing whitening system!

I’ve tried a lot of whitening products like Crest White strips (which are so painful) and whitening tooth paste, but nothing has been as efficient and quick as Smile Brilliant. Not only do they provide you with custom fitted trays, my teeth were whiter after just two uses with little to no sensitivity! The custom fitted trays make it so painless to use; my days of Crest white strips sliding off my teeth and tasting AWFUL are OVER!

The photo below is of the full whitening kit! It comes with absolutely EVERYTHING you need, and the best part is that this whitening system is exactly what would be used on you at the dentist!

Overall I would recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone who is looking to brighten their smile in the most efficient and quick way!

I’ve always been a very smiley person lol, but this product has me flashing my pearly whites at everyone even more (if that is even possible lol)!

If you’re not already excited about this amazing product, its about to get even better because Smile Brilliant and I are teaming up to give one of you your own custom whitening system! You can enter the giveaway here! The giveaway will be open for 2 weeks, so get your entries in! And just another added bonus, you can also get $15 off any tray set with the code bellabeeblog15 🙂

Happy whitening!

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