Celebrating 10k and Sharing 10 of My Favorite Things!

Celebrating 10k and Sharing 10 of My Favorite Things!

Happy Monday! One thing that I am sure you already knew about me is that I absolutely L O V E anything beauty or style related! Which is why being able to share all that I love with TEN THOUSAND of you puts the biggest smile on my face! Thank you thank you thank you for reading my posts and liking my pictures, and taking a true interest in all that I share. When I started my blog in October of 2016, I never knew it would end up here, but I am SO glad it did! In honor of 10k I will be sharing 10 of my favorite things with you!

Fav thing #2| My dog! My ten year old pup, Allie, is my favorite creature on this earth. Along with our other dog, Winnie, but I have an undying love for Allie, we have a true bond lol.

Fav thing #3| ANYTHING pink! Stores that categorize their clothing/accessories by color are a HUGE problem for me because I will wipe out the entire pink section without thinking twice. Shop my current pink favs below!

Fav thing #4| BaubleBar.com– let me just tell you, this website gets me EVERY TIME! They must know it too, because they send me at least three emails everyday, and I’m intrigued every time!! If we’re really being honest, I actually have this site set as my browser home page… its that bad lol. Here are a few items that are currently in my shopping cart!

Fav thing #5| Hair Accessories! Anything cute of funky that I can somehow wear on my head or in my hair, I promise you, I will. I really think having the right hair accessories can change the look of an entire outfit! Francesca’s & Anthropolgie always have my favs!

Fav thing #6| Sushi! I have a self diagnosed sushi problem. I would eat it every day of the week if I could! My absolute favorite form of sushi are the sushi burritos from Inspiration Roll! My boyf and I go at least once a week, and we both dream about the American Dream burrito and the Confucius Nachos! Definitely go to Inspiration Roll!

Fav thing #7| My family! I apologize in advance for making you all #7 lol, I thought #1 would be a bit too predictable! My blog photographers, best friends, stylist consultants, and biggest blog supporters 🙂

Fav thing #8| Blue nail polish on my toes! Since before I can remember, I have always painted my toes blue, in the shade First View if we’re getting specific lol. Any other color just feels wrong! My sister always jokes that I will have blue toes on my wedding day. She is absolutely right, but it is no joking matter! If I want the day to go smoothly, my toes must be blue!

Fav thing #9| The Gossip Girl Series! I grew up watching this show, and idolizing Blair Waldorf (only the good qualities, of course lol). Its one of those shows that will ALWAYS put me in a good mood, and I’ll never get sick of it!

Fav thing #10| Blogging, of course!! 10k is just a number, but I am so beyond grateful that  I get to share all of the things I love with you everyday!



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