Closet Clean Out | Tips & Tricks

Closet Clean Out | Tips & Tricks

Happy Thursday! So I originally thought of doing this post a few weeks ago when we were having some teaser spring days here in NJ. Now as I am writing this I am stuck in my house snowed in two feet deep…

That being said, spring is still coming, and it is always this time of year that we get to cleaning and organizing! Keep reading for the easiest check list that will solve all of your wardrobe evacuation anxiety!!

There are a few ways of going about cleaning out your closet: one would be to rip every item off your hangers frantically, and tell yourself that you are “purging”, in my experience, this only leads to a melt down. Imagine me down on my knees in a pile of clothing, not only crying, but sobbing- because that has happened on several occasions lol.

After give or take five sobbing fests it was obvious I needed to take a different approach; which lead me to the more sane and realistic approach. Stand in your closet, go hanger by hanger and ask yourself these five questions for EVERY ITEM:

1: Have I worn this in the last six months? (take into account seasons obviously lol).

2: How is it’s condition? if its look tired, it may be time for it to be thrown in the purge pile.

3: If I saw it in a store, would I buy it again now? Make sure you actually like it, and are still excited about it!

4: Do I have anything I could wear with it?– this one is VERY important!! I was constantly finding myself holding onto “what if” pieces, meaning “what if I finally find the perfect skirt to go with that weirdo shirt I bought three years ago, and have still never worn?!”… not likely.. toss it.

Now, after your have answered all of those questions, take a look at the pile of things you have decided to get rid of, and ask yourself 5: Does it have any sentimental value? This is also a VERY important question because it helps you to avoid getting to confident and purge happy. I promise you that once you bag up your clothing and bring it to the Good Will drop off, or where ever you decide donate your old clothing, you CANNOT GET IT BACK!

Exceptions to the rule: In my opinion, there are a few items that should (almost) never be tossed. Keep your basics! Unless your plain tees are looking tired, keep them, they are essential in just about every outfit. The same goes for jeans- I myself have fluctuated in weight over the years, so my denim section has a pretty wide range of sizes! There are two reasons why this is a good thing- 1: motivation to fit into your small jeans! 2: if you’ve gained some winter weight, you want a pair that will fit you comfortably.  I’ve made the mistake in the past of tossing all of my ‘bigger’ jeans because I never wanted to fit into them again. Then a few Christmas cookies later, and my small jeans were feeling VERY uncomfortable! I had to go out and buy a bigger size- not fun! So, keep all of your sizes as a safety net.

I hope you found this helpful! As always, let me know if you have any questions!




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