NYFW 2018

NYFW 2018

Happy Monday! New York Fashion Week is still in full swing, but yesterday was the big day for me! I was lucky enough to attend four Nolcha shows: Gemma Hoi, Lavanya Coodly, Seven Crash, and a line by Stevenson University!

NYFW always sounds so glamorous (and it is), but if I am being honest, I spent most of the time looking like this, eating a Rice Krispie Treat, in between shows in the rain lol. (me and my sister, Sam)


But when I wasn’t sopping wet and stuffing my face, I was watching all of this!😍


From meeting other bloggers, to the fabulous outfit changes– myself included, to spending the day with my sister and our friend Ryan, the day was a huge success, and I am so beyond thrilled to have discovered these new designers! (Lavanya Coodly in particular! 😍)

Now for my outfit details! Finding the perfect balance of funk to comfortable is never an easy task for the city, but I think Sam, Ryan and I managed it perfect! The details are below! PS all gold jewelry I wore to the shows is from 6thboroughboutique.com!!


Me and Sam running from show to show.. literally lol




My second look!



See you in the fall Nolcha!! Thank you for having me!

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