The Perfect Smile| Neiman Marcus Blogger Forum

The Perfect Smile| Neiman Marcus Blogger Forum

Happy Saturday, and thank you to everyone who came to today’s event at Neiman Marcus!

I met some fabulous bloggers today, and could not have asked for a better group to chat about my favorite beauty products with!

Here are their Instagram accounts if you want to check them out!

@WeShopInHeels @KarmaForACure @BeautyAndTheBurbsNJ @JulieKaminski

An extra thank you to Neiman Marcus for having me!



If you came, then here is a refresher of the info I went over today. If you missed today’s event, here if everything you need to know about achieving the perfect smile!!

Like every aspect of the beauty industry, having the perfect smile is not as simple as the right lip gloss, its about the process before and the maintenance in between. From teeth whitening products to lip masks, Neiman Marcus has everything you need to achieve your perfect smile. Keep reading to learn how:


A toothbrush that gives you that dentist clean feeling everyday!

Hard on your plaque, but soft on your gums!

Shinebrightlike a diamond.-5

Super Smile Products

“Extra White System has the highest concentration (3x the level) of Calprox®, the unprecedented science behind supersmile®. Calprox® is a proprietary formula of encapsulated calcium peroxide and minerals which gently and effectively remove the sticky bio-film from teeth, to which plaque, bacteria and stains (such as coffee, tea, tobacco and red wine) adhere, without the risk of sensitivity.”

These products are designed for someone who is always on the go.

Mixing toothpaste with accelerator is not only effective, but time saving.

No more drinking your coffee through a straw to save your pearly whites like a weirdo, because this gum will save you after every cup.


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Shinebrightlike a diamond.

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Nannette De Gaspe

The newest in skincare technology! Dry printing technology which stamps a solid oil and active ingredient mixture into the fabric sheet mask.

Dry sheet masks are friendlier on your pores!

It hooks on to your ears for easy wearability!

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