The Perfect Holiday Gift

The Perfect Holiday Gift

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Happy Saturday! Today were going to be talking about some early holiday shopping..  For me, December is a jam packed month because not only am I cramming to find the perfect gifts for my friends and family for Christmas, but it is also my boyfriend’s birthday (thanks for making things real complicated, Anthony, two perfect gifts in one month lol). That being said, Jord watches has simplified the crazy month of December for both me and you!

Jord is a wooden watch company based out of Missouri, (yes, I said wooden; how cool is that??). They strive to ‘create timepieces that are modeled after a modern lifestyle’ which should appeal to all consumers in my opinion.

I picked out this watch for Anthony, and I know he is going to love it!!

Jord offers custom engraving, so obviously I got Anthony’s watch engraved for him! Scroll down to see the photos of the engraving, but before you do, I would just like to say that when I decided what to have engraved I did not consider that the engraving would be in the post… so yes, Anthony calls me Loaf Tato.. I cannot explain why, so don’t judge lol.


Check out their website here to see their gorgeous and timeless watches (lol see what I did there?), and take a look at the info below to learn a little more about the Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood watch, from the Dover Collection, that I got my boyfriend Anthony for Christmas!!

Clicking this link will also get you 25% off your purchase! 🤗

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