Fabulous Halloween Costumes you will Totally Wear After October 31st

Fabulous Halloween Costumes you will Totally Wear After October 31st

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Happy almost Halloween! I am super excited for today’s post for two reasons: 1- Halloween is the only day that it is social acceptable for me to play dress up in public (even though I do so, often), 2- who doesn’t want to be a Barbie?

I’ll keep this short and sweet because there is a lot going on in this post; the idea I had for this post (which you can obviously tell by its title), was to create costumes with pieces that can be worn all year. In my house we have a storage bin full of years and years of costumes that will never be worn again, but I would wear the Barbie outfit you see below everyday if it were up to me!! With that being said, you can shop the photos below from the links above!! The majority of these pieces were things that I already had in my closet, and the adorable Barbie tee I purchased from Poshmark! I tagged some similar ones above along with the link the all Barbie apparel on Poshmark because they really have a great selection!

Keep scrolling for some more easy costume inspo!




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