My Updated Brow Transformation

My Updated Brow Transformation

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Since its been a year (and five days) since my first post: My Two Year Brow Transformation, I figured it was time for an updated post on my current products, and an addiction to my progress photo collage above. As you can see the bottom photo which is REAL UP CLOSE and personal is the most recent and most natural looking brow yet!!

In the past year I’ve changed a few simple things about my brows, I threw my ABH dip brow pomade out the window, because in my opinion NO ONES brows should be that defined and sculpted. I also started filling them in less in general; my makeup preferences have become a lot more natural and I really think my skin and my brows have benefited from that. That being said, when I do fill in my brows, I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the shade Brunette. I only fill in from the high point to the outer corner to strengthen up my arch to tail end. Here is a diagram below for reference. The lines that I created below are a general basis of an eyebrow shape that would look good on anyone. Brow Diagram.jpg|What I haven’t changed|”One thing that can make or break you when it comes to brows, is if they’re too long.Yes, I trim my eyebrows, and YOU SHOULD TOO! Combing the hairs up with a spooly brush and only trimming (with a mini beauty scissor) the ends of the hairs that have grown above your brow line REALLY cleans things up. Bushy brows are in, but NOBODY wants two caterpillars on their face even if it is “trendy”. Do not trim the hairs beyond your arch because that will only lead to patches (been there done that), brow bald spots aren’t cute, believe me.”

I hope you enjoyed this updated brow info!! I try to keep my routine as simple and natural as possible! Let me know if you have any more questions!


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