All About the Bootie |Shoes of Course!!

All About the Bootie |Shoes of Course!!

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Today, we are talking about the bootie, meaning ankle boots of course! If you think booties when you think fall, then you’re on the right page this season. I put together a rough outline below to guide you through the bootie trends this season. Introducing even just one of these five styles will ensure that you’re on trend this season.

|Slit Cut Booties |One of my personal favorites for many reasons; the slit cut bootie has so much potential. Not only is it for some reason really flattering to have your ankle peaking out of the side; slit cut booties are the perfect opportunity to introduce fun socks into your life (as I did in the photo above).

| Open Toe Booties | These are more of a transition piece in my opinion, when it gets real cold I do not know who would willingly have their toes exposed. But for weather right now, these are perfect!!

|Sock Booties | This is a trend that I was not on board with at first because I thought that the super tight fabric around your ankle vs the rest of the shoe made your feet look big, but I got a pair (those pom pom ones above) and I was totally wrong!!! Sock booties are super flattering and fun with both jeans and dresses!!

|Wedge Booties | This is another trend that I was kind of against at first, still not my favorite, but I do wear those furry wedge booties from time to time. If you’re wondering why, it’s because they used to remind me of those heinous wedged sneakers that made an appearance in 2009… such a fashion crime!!

|Classic Black Booties |Now these are the booties that every wardrobe NEEDS! Trust me, you will probably end up killing them by the end of the season because a pair of classic black (heeled in my opinion) booties look good with EVERYTHING fall and winter related!! You won’t be sorry you got them!!

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