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I’m going to start off this post by answering my own question with a big YES! Fenty Beauty (from what I have tried) is 100% worth the hype.

To give you a little background on the brand, Rihanna teamed up with the manufacturer, Kendo. Kendo is a company who works with many celebrities and influences that want to dabble in makeup, but not as a full time gig (that’s how I see it); brands like Marc Jacobs beauty, Kat Von D, and now Fenty are all partially owned and distributed into Sephora by Kendo. I am not 100% certain how the partnership works (meaning how much input/influence people like Kat Von D and Rihanna have over formulation and other aspects of launching a makeup line) because makeup is not their main claim to fame (in simple terms). That being said, they also own brands like Bite Beauty and Press (which I did not know prior to this research).

With all of that background info in mind, I still love the products I have tried from Fenty even if Rihanna is not 100% the master behind the process. To simply touch upon the subject; the beauty community has been blowing up over Rihanna’s lack of interest in makeup prior to this launch (it was a shock to most). Rihanna is known for her natural look off the red carpet when her makeup is not done professionally for an event. I personally do not see an issue with her involvement, you can love makeup without caking it all over your face on the daily, I include myself in that statement. SO, go Rihanna! Her line is fabulous and I 100% support it and disagree with any statements of needing to have a fully glammed face everyday in order to create/represent a makeup line!

As you may have seen on Instagram, I posted a story and photo mini review of the foundation. Like I said in that review, I love the formula, finish, and overall velvety look of the foundation. I purchased the shade 300 and it is a perfect match. The formula oxidizes about 20 seconds after applying (so I would recommend a lighter shade when color matching because it will get darker). But the coolest aspect of this formula is that it sets itself; this is a huge draw for me because I HATE having to set my face with powder (all it does is add to the caked look), my mama always said less is more, and she is so right. I have had the foundation for about a week and it lasts all day beautifully; I would honestly recommend this foundation to anyone and everyone, which is any easy thing to do because Fenty released FORTY SHADES!! Yes, I said FORTY!!

Moving onto the rest of the line, as for highlights I did swatch them in Sephora and the colors are beautiful. The formulas range from natural to blinding which makes this such a user friendly line, there is a product for everyone. I am more drawn to the stick cream highlights because they really press into your skin (creating a more natural look) rather than the powders just gliding over the surface.

Another plus in my mind is that the line seems to be most geared towards oil control, from the oil blotting pads, so powder to the matte foundation formula. My skin is combination, so I am extremely welcoming to all of these facets.

The rest of the line includes a lip gloss which seems to be a shade that is complementary to all skin tones, a few blushes, and a super awesome primer!!

I love what I have seen from Fenty so far. I cannot wait to not only purchase more products from this launch, but to see what else Rihanna has in store for us!

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