Fall Transition Look

Fall Transition Look

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This post is one that I have literally been giddy about. I love summer, but every year come August I’m beyond ready for some layers and warm Autumn tones! This look is the perfect crossover between its summer colors and fall fabrics.

My makeup and extension details are linked above.

From bottom to top, our first splash of summer stems completely from this sunglass & sequin tee (only $19 from Talbots!!) The bright colors and summer vibe of this shirt are 100% what makes this an acceptable transition look; without this tee I would be a fish out of water in a massive coat in the middle of August! Contrasting seasonal pieces such as these leave you somewhere in the middle, creating the perfect transitional balance. I love paring funky tees like this or simple graphic tees with an effortless look such as this one because not only is it so easy, but it gives the look that much more depth and contrast to the solid colored pieces surrounding it!

As for this beautiful periwinkle coat, it is by English Factory. It is no longer available, but above I tagged a bunch of similar styles at various price points! The color of this coat is what drew me to it; its summery hues are the KEY component in making this summer tee and body engulfing, dense coat work so well together!

I simply wore my go to AG jeans with this look; their medium wash tones are complementary to any season when worn with the appropriate colors. I made sure to cuff these jeans not only because I have very mini legs, but to ensure that the detail these peep toe booties did not go unnoticed. Peep toe booties are one of my favorite styles for this time of year. They show that you are ready and aware of the approaching season change, but that you are not too eager and sporting a pair of full blown knee high boots! They are the perfect transition piece, and they can be worn late into fall! These booties in particular are so affordable from SoleSociety; they are also available in suede which would actually tie into the bag I was wearing so nicely. Check out SoleSociety for a bunch of other peep toe booties as well!

Most of these accessories are apart of my daily get up, but this bag is truly special. Its rosey coloring in contrast to its fall/winter suede enable you to wear it just about all year round. I am usually a tote kind of girl only because I cannot leave the house without a whole bottle of perfume, an extra pair of socks, 4 packs of gum AND my dog; but this shoulder bag is actually equip with 3 large pockets that make is super easy to separate and organize things. A few days ago I was able to fit my makeup bag, an iPad, and a sweater in here! So it is definitely not lacking in space, which is always a plus for a high maintenance girl like me lol.




Image 8-24-17 at 8.44 AM


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Image 8-24-17 at 8.46 AM

Image 8-24-17 at 8.42 AM

I hope you enjoyed this look! I plan on sharing a few more transition outfits like this one as the season approaches!


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