7 Beauty Products that Actually do What They’re Supposed to!!

|Products Mentioned|1: Oribe Blonde Shampoo | 2: Mattifying Primer |3: Brazilian Bum Bum | 4: MAC Paint Pot | 5: Blonde Life Brightening Conditioner | 6: Style Sexy Hair H2NO Dry Shampoo | 7: Glam Glow Lip Plumping Gloss

They’re is nothing I dislike more than when you buy a product, get excited about it, try it, and then it DOESN’T work! Unfortunately, that happens more often than not. So in today’s post I will be sharing seven products that have never let me down!!

1: Product number one is easily the best purple shampoo on the planet. The Oribe Blonde Shampoo  has honestly become the only purple shampoo I will use; yes, its rather pricey, but its worth it. Some pros: it counter acts the yellow/ brassy tones in your hair; it doesn’t dry your hair, and it smells AMAZING!

2: I have some serious trust issues when it comes to primer. “How will this make my pores look smaller? Does that tingly feeling mean my skin is getting tighter, or am I having another allergic reaction? Why does it smell like that?” Everyones skin is different, but the Makeup Forever Mattifying Primer creates a flawless finish on just about everyone. I apply this product only on my t zone, and it works like a charm every time! For those of you who are not looking for a matte/oil reduced finish, they’re is a radiant finish version of this primer (which I cannot personally vouch for, but it exists lol).

3: I very rarely step outside of my Victoria’s Secret body lotion (which I have been using since 7th grade), but when I got the Brazilian Bum Bum cream for my birthday, I fell in love. It is difficult to describe the texture of this lotion; its not thick like a body butter, but its not light like a regular lotion. It almost has a whipped texture to it. I rub this all over my arms everyday not only because it smells like heaven, but because it has a light shimmer in it which is so beautiful for the summer!

4: This is an oldie but a goodie that I will probably still be priming my eyelids with at age ninety. The MAC Paint Pot in the shade Soft Ocre is the most amazing lid primer (or thick concealer) on the planet. Its thick and full coverage, but does not crease. Its dense but not to creamy and not too dry. It comes in so many shades, so it is ideal for a wide range of skin tones. I apply this to my lids and set it with any light powder before shadow, and I could not imagine an eye look without it!!

5: I talked about the Blonde Life Brightening Conditioner in my Products & Tips For Hair Healthy post and everything I said about it still stands true. One of the biggest concerns with being an extremely fake blonde is how dry my hair gets. The issue following that is that any products designed to hydrate your hair like a regular hair mask or coconut oil is so heavy that my hair actually appears darker after use. This product is the perfect in between because it brightens and hydrates simultaneously (what a dream right??).

6: The Style Sexy Hair H2NO Dry Shampoo is easily my favorite dry shampoo ever made. Every time I try a new one I question why I ever strayed because it gets the job done the best.

7: Ever try a product with lip plumper in it that just makes you lips sting for a while and plumps absolutely nothing? Same, and by same I mean every other product besides the Glam Glow Lip Plumping Gloss. A quick story for you incase you’re doubting how great this stuff is: I wore this gloss on Valentines day, kissed my poor boyfriend without remembering I had it on and he started getting a little plumped too. That is all. If that does not sway you towards this stuff, I do not know what ever will.

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