Silicone Makeup Blender |First Impressions Review|

Silicone Makeup Blender |First Impressions Review|

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So I finally joined in on the hype of the silicone makeup blender when I saw it at Salon Centric a few days ago. This makeup applicator went viral on Instagram and Youtube in just a matter of days when whoever thought of it shared it with the world lol.

The concept rubbed me the wrong way at first for one very specific reason. People’s reason for tossing their beauty sponges aside and using a silicone blender was because they were tired of beauty sponges soaking up their makeup; I don’t know about you, but on a daily basis (even if I don’t use a beauty sponge to my apply makeup), I dab it all over my face once I am finished with my makeup to do just that, SOAK UP THE EXCESS! There is nothing I hate more than cake face, so the idea of some little silicone shaped rock dragging product all over the surface of my skin and the makeup not getting blended in was something I was far from interested in.

After trying this product, I was not 100% wrong nor 100% correct. Its blending performance was higher than expected, but still not great. I applied my foundation with the Mirabella Silicone Blender this morning and after rubbing that thing all over my face for what felt like years, I still felt like I needed blend out my foundation more with an Artis brush after. Maybe its my skin, or maybe I’m just picky, but I did not love this product. That is not to say that it doesn’t work, it just did not work for me🤷🏼‍♀️

I will most likely end up trying it again just to give it another shot, but I am a true beauty sponge girl at heart!! I love most Mirabella products, so I was pleased that this was super affordable (only $11) and that I was able to try such a gimmicky product from a reliable brand.


Let me know what your thoughts are on this trend if you have tried it!!

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