7 Uses For Coconut Oil |Video

7 Uses For Coconut Oil |Video

Check out the latest video on my youtube channel; a tutorial on my main use for coconut oil, HAIR MASKS! Below is a short list of six other great, beauty related, uses for coconut oil!! I hope you enjoy!

|Oil Pulling| A scoop of coconut oil a day keeps the toxins away. Swishing a scoop of coconut oil in your mouth every morning can flush out impurities, freshen your breath, and even whiten your teeth over time!

|Shaving Cream| Coconut oil makes a great shaving cream replacement! Similar to those who swear by using conditioner for shaving their legs, coconut oil is such a hydrating substitute for harsh shaving cream. Side note, this does dull your razor much quicker than a shaving cream due to its density, but it leaves your legs feeling silky smooth!

|Makeup Remover| Coconut oil is my go to makeup remover in the winter! When my dry skin is crying for some extra moisture, I wet my face a bit, scoop a quarter size of coconut oil, warm it up in my hands, then rub in circular motions all over my face to remove my makeup! I recommend whipping off the oil with a paper towel (so you don’t clog your drain) and then washing your face like normal! It is so good for your skin, and it is such a nice alternative to a harsh makeup remover.

|Body Scrub| Add a equal parts of sugar and coconut oil to create the best exfoliator. This one is a double winner, scrape off your dry skin while hydrating your new skin at the same time! This is better than any store bought body scrub, hands down.

| Lip Balm| Some stores sell smaller containers of coconut oil (or you can fill a mini container of your own) that are great to keep with you through out the day to use as a lip balm! And it tastes pretty good too!

|Moisturizer| I occasionally rub a sparing amount of coconut oil on my face before bed (usually in the winter) to give my skin a little TLC over night. I have slightly oily skin, so this is too heavy for me to use during the day, but at night this works as a great hydration treatment!

Don’t forget to check out my video for a full rundown on applying coconut oil as a hair mask!


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