Newly Released to Sephora This Month

The Sephora Collection, Volume Lip Gloss comes in 4 colors, friendly for all skin types. It’s wet, ultra glossy finish and consistency is formulated to make the lips appear bigger. Because it is Sephora brand, it is a great price and overall said to be moisturizing, long wearing and slightly plumping. Ive been living in the shade, Exponential Pink and I highly recommend it for warm undertones skin tones such as mine.

The Tarte Clay Stick Foundation comes in 12 colors and is said to last 12 hours. It’s claim to fame is that it has a matte finish, however a creamy consistency when applying, a win for all skin types because it does not add excess oil to oily or combination skin types, or create a caked face appearance when applied to dry skin types. This is Tarte’s first foundation stick, the formula is very similar to the infamous Hourglass Seamless Foundation Stick, however, the Tart stick is slightly more affordable and actually comes with more product for less money, definitely a win win!! This is a must get!

Rose Hair & Body Oil by Ouai, it is very similar to the Vibrant Sexy Hair Rose Elixir which I am a big fan of. Fragrance wise, these products are very similar and are both designed for hair and body hydration, however one huge difference is the application. For an over all misting, I recomend the Vibrant Sexy Hair Rose Elixir due to it’s aerosol mist application, if you’re looking for a more condensed application, the spray by Ouai is for you, it’s harsher spray application is perfect for spraying some into your hand and applying it in the desired area rather than the all over mist that the Vibrant Sexy Hair Rose Elixir provides. Cost wise, the Ouai oil is only slightly more expensive, so it all comes down to application preference.

All Jo Malone scents are iconic in the beauty industry, they are to die for alone or with a new mixed together, my all time favorite will always be Pomegrainte Noir; but a few scents were released to Sephora this month. Including, Basil & Neroli CologneBlack Cedarwood & Juniper Cologne, and my favorite out of these new scents, Blackberry & Bay Cologne. Its very difficult to explain scents… so it’s totally up to personal preference, I have never come across a scent by Jo Malone that I didn’t like. The price is size dependent, available in 1 ounces bottles to 3.4 ounces.

The Cake and Bake Sponge, aka the holy grail of baking.  Beauty sponges are such a personal thing, if its not a Beauty Blender (which is way too expensive) or the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge (half the price of a Beauty Blender and has better edges for blending concealer), I won’t use it for any kind of blending, other sponges don’t expand enough or are just too hard. Baking wise, this sponge is my new best friend. I haven’t had the need to wet it to give you any kind of info on that, so if you try it please let me know. This is the master sponge when it comes to baking, it’s harsh edges are perfect for stamping under your contour for a true cut line, or at the corner of your eye to clean up fallout or create a harsh cat eye. This sponge is genius, I cannot believe it has taken this long for something like this to be released.

This product requires very little introduction, it is by far one of the most unique and innovative products that was released this year. The Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows by Stila. This month Stila  released 3 metallic finish liquid shadows in the most beautiful statement colors. This product literally makes my heart rase, the intensity of the glitter is insane, not to mention the fact that this product is not only available in silvery and golds but now PINK AND PURPLE, just wow, if these metallic metals don’t scream statement look then I don’t know what does. I have also used these liquids on lips and it creates such a cool look!!

Urban Decay came out with the Naked Skin Shapeshifter pallet last week and wow wow wow.  I have not seen a compact this unique in a long time. Not only is this a cream and powder contour kit, it also comes with color correctors all in one condensed compact. This is perfect for travel and comes in two shades, perfect for all skin tones AND a mirror!

#BabeBoss Faves Box by NudeStix is such a big hit with me. The rage of colors go from blog to nudes that accommodate every skin tone. I love universal sets like this for when I’m doing event makeup or just makeup for friends, because my signature hot pink, MAC Flat Out Fabulous does not work for every skin tone lol. This kit is so universal and comes with sharpener. Sets like this are a great way to familiarize yourself with a brand’s different formulas because they come in matte, gel and cream finishes.

The Noni Glow Face Oil has quickly become my skin rehab. It’s known for being accommodating to all skin types and treats everything from dullness and uneven texture, to rough and dry spots. After a weekend away, this oil was my savior in getting my skin back to it’s natural state, new or different environments always take a tole on my skin, whether its the different kind of water, the change in surroundings or whatever it may be, my skin is at it’s best at home, this oil helped me to get back there after the Rhode Island air freaked out my pores this weekend lol. I put it on before bed or before moisturizer, I have not tried mixing with foundation because I am too loyal to my Smashbox Oil Primer, but I will be giving that a try this week as well.

Glam Glow has really been stepping up their game recently, expanding and coming out with so many new kinds of products. They released the PoutMud, Wet Lip Balm Tint and I am IN LOVE! It’s wet consistency gives your lips an over all more plump look without the use of tingly lip plumper. It’s not sticky and easy to apply. Nothing is worse than a sticky lip balm that clumps in the corners of your mouth and is annoying to apply. Personally I hate sticking my fingers into lip palm compacts such as this because of my long nails, so I use a little lip brush because it closes!! This comes in six colors, if you’re selecting a color online and you don’t want something too iridescent, more of an everyday throw on color, I would recommend Birthday Suit or Kiss & Tell, these colors are both rather sheer and would compliment any skin tone beautifully.

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