Floral Knit Jumpsuit & My Two Week Makeup Cleanse

Floral Knit Jumpsuit & My Two Week Makeup Cleanse

|Quick Details|JumpsuitSimilar Wedge StyleSimilar Wedge ColorOrange Click ClackWhite Click Clack, Yellow Chanel Flap BagOrange Beaded NecklaceYellow Sunnies

This is one of my favorite outfits ever! I spoke about this jumpsuit in my Spring Trends Vlog and thought it deserved a full outfit post. In these photos you can really see and appreciate the material much more than in the vlog; the knit is so perfect for this mild spring weather we have been getting here in New Jersey, it’s density in contrast with the strapless cut and floral spring pattern complement each other so nicely and still keep you warm on the chilly days while maintaining a springy vibe:) I cannot say great enough things about this piece.

Moving onto shoes, these Steve Madden wedges that I purchased last year are the world’s greatest creation. They are such a great color (I have them in a neutral brown too) AND the are basically flat, so they are so so comfy to walk in! I couldn’t find this exact pair on SteveMadden.com, but here is a similar color and a similar style, both by Stevie.

Some accessory details for you: Orange Click ClackWhite Click Clack, Yellow Chanel Flap BagOrange Beaded Necklace. These Yellow Sunnies the greatest find of the season. They are from SunnyRebel.com. I have ordered from them a few times and I adore their company because they ALWAYS offer two pairs of sunglasses for $20, they do not necessarily advertise it all the time, but the code is “2for20” at check out and you NEED to use it. It is such a steal and they are such a great quality. I get two pairs at the start of spring every year and since they’re so cheap I’m never upset about them being trashed by the end of the summer. Here are the yellow ones I was wearing with this look, yes they are mens lol, but whatever.

Now for some makeup details, all I was wearing during this shoot was obviously some brows, a little mascara and a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizer has been my best friend in the past week or so. Most summers I try not to wear foundation, my skin tone is typically rather even because of the sun. I figured I’d give my skin even more of a break this season. To better my complexion, this past week I have only been wearing tinted moisturizer rather than my full caked face lol. Starting Monday I will be doing a two week makeup cleanse which is exactly how it sounds, NO MAKEUP for two weeks! I cannot wait to see the effect this will have on my skin, and if it does nothing for my complexion, oh well lol. Either way I think it is healthy for your skin to give it a little break from time to time. Currently I have one or two days a week without makeup, and my skin always feels great those days, that being said I’m really excited to experience and share with you the effects after TWO WEEKS!!!

I will keep you posted on this little cleanse! Unfortunately that means that for the next two weeks I will not be sharing any makeup looks! In place of makeup looks, I will be posting updates on the difference in my skin (if there is any lol). I hope you enjoyed this look!!


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