Products & Tips For Hair Healthy

Products & Tips For Hair Healthy

If you know me then you know that my hair as been every color from dark brown, to wine red, to blonde and back. It’s a miracle that it hasn’t just fallen out of my head at this point (thank god), but that is really because of the products I use daily and the extra attention I give my (currently golden) locks.IMG_4855

|In the shower|Staring with shampoo and conditioner, I rotate a few products in and out; the reason being that I strongly believe that if your hair (or body) gets used to a product it stops reaping the benefits of that product. That being said, I switch through two shampoos and three conditioners throughout the week to basically leave my hair wondering what I will be doing to it that day lol. My first set of shampoo and conditioner is by Moroccan Oil, the Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Curl Enhancing Conditioner. I use this shampoo on the days that I am letting my hair be free and natural (the days I typically don’t leave my house lol, my natural hair is large and in charge). Next I switch to Sexy Hair’s Color Safe Smoothing Shampoo with it’s matching conditioner, which smells amazing and is obviously color safe. This next product is a masque that I recently started using that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! The Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque has changed my life and the tones of my hair for the better. I am a natural dark brunette, so being a golden blonde takes a lot of toning up keep and extra hydrating. Using this masque has really minimized the need to tone as often as I used to, it keeps my hair brighter for longer! I typically wash my hair every other day, you are supposed to wash it less because it is better for your hair, but my unlucky scalp produces oils much faster than others 🙁 but, on the days I go without washing, I swear by my Sexy Hair, H2no!!

|Post shower|After shower products are just as important as in the shower products. There are three products I use depending on how I will be styling my hair. On the days I leave my hair natural, I always add a little sea salt spray to give my curl a little boost. There are so many sea salt sprays out there that leave your hair so so so crunchy. EW. I have finally found one that minimizes crunch and smells great, the Sea Salt Spray by Indie Hair! If you’re on the market for a light, fresh smelling sea salt spray, this is the one for you! Next weather I am wearing my hair straight or curled I use the Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff, this serum is a miracle worker, and it’s even sparkly, it is light weight and light in color so it does not dull my blonde!! The final product in this category is the Kerastase Spray Fluidissime which is a fancy way of saying anti frizz spray. I put all of these products in damp hair! If you apply product to dripping wet hair, the water acts like a barrier for your hair that the product cannot penetrate. Now for talking brushes, I swear by the Wet Brush Pro, I will not TOUCH another brush, wet or dry. This brush prevents breakage, detangles, AND has additional boar bristles in between the detanglers to add shine to your hair. Why use anything else?DSCN5956

|To Shield the Heat|My absolute ride or die thermal protectant for years has been the Forma Thermal Lotion. This stuff is great, you spray it the bottles distance away from your hair to apply. I will spray this on towel dried hair before blow drying or on air dried hair before straightening if I did not blow dry before.

|To Prevent Breakage| Scrunchies are your BBF. Tight elastic hair ties no only give you a headache from being too tight but can actually break and damage the hair shaft. Any food store has the best, cheap, fluffy scrunchies which I love to sleep in! Here are some cuter scrunchies if you’re looking to wear them out and tie them into your outfit! Urban Outfitters is always great for accessorizing! Another type of hair tie I use when I don’t want to go for the full scrunchie are theses stretchy ribbon hair ties that I get on Amazon. These are not only better for your hair but in my opinion look so much better on your wrist than a regular elastic hair tie if you’re wearing it.

|The Life Saver| For this final product, I have talked about many times before but I really do not know what I would do without it. COCONUT OIL. What can coconut oil not do? Hydrates AND makes your hair grow? Once a week I load my hair up with coconut oil and deepening on my schedule I will leave it in over night or just let it sit for 3-5 hours if I don’t feel like being an oily mess in my sleep lol. If I do sleep with coconut oil in my hair I will wear one of these Turbie Twisters that I have literally had since the age of eight, these things are great.DSCN5958

I hope you found this product round up helpful! As always, let me know if you have any questions!

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