I didn’t Intend to Be This Patriotic When I got dressed…

I didn’t Intend to Be This Patriotic When I got dressed…

A short post from my second day on Marco Island. This outfit looked very different in my head…
I did not account for wind, thus when that surprise hit I was forced into a jacket. I purchased this dress online and thought it was more of an orangey red rather than the vibrant, deep red you see here. I love blue and orange together and I COULD NOT wait to wear this combo, however once the dress came in and the color was a bit of a shock, I decided to just roll with it. At least now I have a GREAT outfit for the fourth of July lol. Anyway, below is all the info on this fabulous, accidental display of nationalism.

This NOT orange dress is by Amanda Uprichard, called the “Red Golden Shift Dress”(clearly I did not read the name prior to purchase..) My scarf I actually purchased yesterday on Marco Island, it is by the new brand, Dona Bela Shreds and I LOVE IT! It’s so boho and funky, (so me) and comes in a million solid colors and patterns. Only about $30 and so worth it.

Next, shoe wise, these chunky suede heels are Marc Fisher. I cannot find them anywhere to link them, but I have them in a multi brown pattern too and I LOVE THEM! They are my absolute favorite heel to walk around in, they’re so chunky that your foot is almost flat, I could live in these things. This bag is Tory Burch from two or three seasons ago, it can be worn as a speedy wrist carrier or with a long strap. I love this bag because unlike most bags of this shape, it is so easy to get in and out of because it zips and unzips all the way down to the sides; such a great functional design aspect. And of course, since I’m still a child, I always go double buns and dutch braids on vacation, pudgy pig tails as my Mama calls them.

I love this look because the clothing itself is so simple, yet can look so unique when paired with the right things!

If anything I hope now you have some ideas of what to wear on July fourth, you are welcome🙃

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